Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

This is a forum to support and gather leading professionals who want to learn, grow and thrive in today's demanding and changing economy and workplace, while building a powerful network and developing their career. We will do that by offering the best content and resources from guest speakers who are experts in aspects related to Leadership and will share their knowledge with us in a practical, interactive and inspiring way.

It is about continuous learning and growing in a way that is sustainable and affordable with the focus on the main skills that will help you succeed in your career: Leadership Development, Effective Communication, Personal and Interpersonal Skills, Cross-Cultural Diversity in the Work Place, Adapting to Change, Career Planning, Personal Productivity and Powerful Networking and Relationships are only a few examples of topics that will be covered in the different meet-ups.

We will also discuss about the main career challenges professionals go through and also exploring/training the most important professional skills with the support of at least one professional trainer/coach/expert in every session.

We will share experiences and solutions while expanding our network and mingling with other inspiring international leaders. Last but not least, we are going to do this on a nice atmosphere, having fun and enjoying the meet-ups!

It is the vision of this forum to become an International Community with presence in different cities supporting and gathering people who can help, grow and learn from each other too.