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What if we create an energy system as a commons based on flow and cooperation.. An energy system where you no longer pay for units of energy.. An energy system not based on fierce competition, enabled by paying consumers.. but an energy system where you only pay if you (accidentally) disturb the system, if you force it to transport, to store, to converge or to produce. We need your help to find and explore unimaginable energy narratives and experiment with fitting models and solutions.

See our introduction video (https://youtu.be/Z3I7Ge92Lfs)

In co-creation with Arash Aazami’s Kamangir we are looking for tangible energy narratives that are almost unimaginable for humans but inspired by how 8.7 mio species enjoy energy today As a community and as friends of nature 2.0 (http://nature2.ooo (https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=Z3I7Ge92Lfs&event=video_description&redir_token=S3vt-w139UVEtaf-dhxWWYfXhFV8MTU0NjU5ODA0MkAxNTQ2NTExNjQy&q=http%3A%2F%2Fnature2.ooo)) we want to use their amazing acceleration platform: Odyssey (http://odyssey.org/), the biggest blockchain hackathon of the world in April 2019, to show to and share with the world how these unimaginable narratives actually can be build when we combine technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets.

Our goal is to let an internet of energy team participate among the 100+ international top teams, most likely in the nature2.0 track.

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