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Wij zijn de jonge ondernemers uit Amsterdam Westpoort. We komen regelmatig bijelkaar om kennis en ervaringen uit te wisselen, elkaar beter te leren kennen en om een leuke tijd te hebben. We zijn gelieerd aan Ondernemersvereniging Westpoort.

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First virtual meeting! Cyber security, what can you do?

Bring your own beer this time, as we're going to do our first virtual meeting! Cyber security (or more broadly: information security) is increasingly important for everyone, including small and medium-sized companies. You don't have to be a computer scientist in order to protect yourself, your data and third party information that you process. René Pluis, country cyber security lead at Cisco Systems, will talk about the digital transformation and how we, young enterpreneurs, can stay secure. We're going to use Cisco's collaboration tool, Webex Teams for this event. Sign up by sending an email to [masked], so we can add you to our virtual team and send you some instructions.

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Pitch Hour!

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