Old School System Dynamics in a Data Science First World

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Wim Debreuck, Business Analist and founder of software engineering company Debreuck Neirynck, is a man with a mission: To explore strange new Behavior - To seek out new Specification and new Business Value - To boldly Design New Systems where it matters. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wim-debreuck/

How to use a pre-software-age science in new-school software-design where data is everywhere and cheap.

System Dynamics is a modeling technique from 1950's, used to understand dynamic complex systems. In combination with current streaming data architectures, the technique revives into a prediction engine/real life monitoring system.

- what is system dynamics and what is it's value in today's application models
- how to use the (same) model for simulation and production monitoring : added value of this kind of monitoring
- presenting an simple example case, and one real life model used by Bridgestone
- the concept of SD model patterns

The talk will also explain the difference between linear and non-linear event-streams, and how to incorporate both into a model.

The 'big message' is to not only design/model 'a process', but also to model the 'behavior of a process'. Something that is most often left to the helpdesk in a post-production-release era

Level: Introductory and overview

Target audience: business analysts - software/model architects

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22:00 End