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Following the phases of hype and disgrace blockchain technologies underwent, let’s take a dive into the possibilities and strengths of combining blockchain with APIs. Meet like-minded expert developers and architects to talk about the chances that blockchain brings for the further decentralization of future platforms!


Doors open at 17:00, talks start at 17:30.

-Douwe van de Ruit - Product Owner Blockchain at KPN
Will explain why KPN believes in blockchain, what blockchain initiatives KPN is working on and what learnings his team has extracted so far.
-Jan Brücher - Blockchain consultant at KPN
Will demonstrate how blockchain and APIs enable Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and why this is important for decentralized platforms. He will demo how access control works with an existing identity platform.
-Pieter-Jan Snijders - Data Innovation Lab KPN ICT Consulting
Will explain why Blockchain matters for KPN clients, which applications are made and how we innovate with blockchain.
-Pizza and drinks