• Moving Towards the WordPress RESTful API

    Hive Colab

    Lead: Shafiq Lutaaya The web has grown quite a bit over the last decade, and WordPress has fallen behind ever so slightly. More applications are being brought to the web with JavaScript and more dynamic websites are being built with languages like Python and Ruby. WordPress core and even a few professional WordPress developers feel that WordPress’ heavy reliance on PHP and minimal use of JavaScript has become far too outdated. This is something the WordPress REST API is meant to solve. This doesn’t mean WordPress is moving away from PHP, but it does mean developers should consider learning JavaScript if they want to take advantage of what this API has to offer.

  • Getting Gutenberg To Do What You Need It To Do

    College of Computing and Information Technology

    No need to feel stuck using the 40 blocks that come with the new page editor out of the box. Gutenberg Plugins – a new type of WordPress plugins – give you an opportunity to use all types of new blocks for your content. These blocks let you add new UIs to your content such as adjustable columns, pricing tables, a table of contents, a clock countdown and many others. In this meetup, we shall look at Gutenberg in-depth and see how it can be extended to make creating WordPress easier and a lot of fun.

  • How to Pitch a Startup

    Hive Colab

    In the early days of your startup, a few things matter more than others but one of those important ones is how you pitch your startup idea or business to potential customers, partners or even investors. Join us as we share about how to pitch your startup. About the Speaker: Martin Tumusiime is a technologist, tech entrepreneur with strong interest for environmental technologies. He also co-founded a tech waste management startup in Uganda.


    Hive Colab

    The high rates of unemployment have pushed many people to be self employed. When you’re self-employed, then you’re likely a freelancer or a business owner. One of the most viable fields for freelance work in the websites field. Today, nearly everyone wants their own little corner of the Internet with their very own website. On the other hand, not too many have the skills it takes to get it done. When you know how to create even basic websites, you can start up an actual business. Many international web hosting companies offer reseller plans which you can use to sub host all your clients. In this meetup, we shall discuss the various tools like WHMCS and the WHMCS Bridge WordPress plugins which you can use to automate administration of all aspects of your web hosting business including client management, support, invoicing and payments.

  • Starting E-commerce website in just 20 minutes

    Come learn how to take your store online including how to accept payments for your products, logistics, refunds & order tracking

  • Website Speed Optmisation & Media Management with WordPress

    Are u sad about slow website speed :) Don't miss this Saturday as we talk about site optimisation. We shall also briefly talk about filters in plugin making

  • WordPress Kampala May Meetup

    Hive Colab

    Saturday 11th May 2019, We shall have our monthly meetup at the Hive Colab. Our Guest Speaker will be Evelyn Masaba, a Communications Specialist. Topic: Branding your site/blog/business The talk is both Developers and non-developers friendly. There after we shall have a Question and Answer. Also please come with any challenges you are having, we shall have a team to help solve some of those technical issues. Entrance is Free. Time: 10am sharp. (Please keep time.) You can't miss!

  • WordPress Kampala April Meetup

    Hive Colab

    Next Weekend on Saturday 27th April 2019, We shall have our monthly meetup at the Hive Colab. Two talks lined up both for Developers and non-developers(business side included). Entrance is Free. Time: 10am sharp. (Please keep time.) You can't miss!

  • WordPress Monthly March Meetup

    Makerere University

    Topic: Navigating your way around Gutenberg and Making blocks. This is our monthly meet for March. We shall be opening and launching the Makerere University meetup too. Come to have fun and make more connections learning from WordPress at the Makerere Innovation and Incubation Center.


    Hive Colab

    Dont miss out on this year's WordCamp Kampala 2018 from the 23rd November to the 25th November. A three day event of education and fun. Tickets now open for only $5 or Ushs.22,000 via the official WordCamp Kampala website at https://2018.kampala.wordcamp.org/ Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for the WordCamp apply through this link https://2018.kampala.wordcamp.org/2018/07/26/call-for-sponsors/ For those interested in becoming speakers for the event and ready to be vetted apply through https://2018.kampala.wordcamp.org/2018/07/26/call-for-speakers/ Reserve your tickets today via https://2018.kampala.wordcamp.org/tickets/