Workshop: Can we blame UX for our lack of inclusion in the media?

Ladies that UX Utrecht
Ladies that UX Utrecht
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This evening you can attend a full-evening workshop. Don't mis these two awesome speakers: Patrick Alders and Anne-Marie Twigge! They have extensive experience in working for global brands and media outlets and they share some interesting questions with you, like:

>> Can we blame UX for our lack of inclusion in the media?

Anne-Marie and Patrick will explore in this workshop the current usage of UX in the media in relation to diversity and inclusion. Where is it helpful and where is it harmful? During the evening they wish to collectively look at the problems they found and include examples that the UX population comes across when dealing with inclusivity challenges. At the end of the evening we aim to shortlist issues and recommendations.

Patrick Alders: Creative Brand and Business Builder. Founder of Chairman The Litelabs Foundation.

Anne-Marie Twigge: Creative Director and Strategist. Advisory Board Member UN Women. Founder of media platform

>> About the host:

We are Daily Creations! An UX design agency in Utrecht. We are fascinated by human behavior. Our dream is to make the (digital) world more user friendly, beautiful and creative.
We do a lot of great projects in healthcare and education. We are Daily Creations and we invite you to join us to understand, explore and create the world of tomorrow. See you!

The meetup is not on the first floor and we unfortunately do not have an elevator available.

Daily Creations
Gessel 4B, 3454 MZ Utrecht
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: There are a couple of options by bus (10-15 minute walk to our office).

// The program of the evening:
18:30 - Doors open
19:00 - Welcome by LTUX-Utrecht and Daily Creations
19:15 - Start Workshop "Can we blame UX for our lack of inclusion in the media?" by Patrick Alders & Anne-Marie Twigge.
20:45 - Drinks and good conversation

We take photos and videos during the event to use in recap blog posts, social media and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give consent to take photos and videos of you. If you do not want to give your consent, please let us know at check-in