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Lean Startup München is the place to meet and share experiences about startup lessons learned and the "Lean Startup" methodology.

Lean Startup is all about improving your chances to discover and develop a sustainable business model from all the great ideas you have - whether you're bootstrapping, pushing for VC invests into your world-changing idea, trying to expand the portfolio of a well-established enterprise as an intrapreneur or doing anything else to launch a new business.

Lean Startup is driven by continuous validation and verification of the business model and all of its components, using minimum viable products and focusing on iteratively learning from customer interaction rather than being time2market-driven and failing late.

Learn more about lean startup at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_Startup .

(Note: "The Lean Startup" is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.)

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Lean Innovation in Finance – How Penta customers are building a bank

How Penta customers are building a bank – Katrina Elliott & Lukas Zoerner, Product Management @Penta Lean Innovation in start ups is all about experiments, learning and getting things done quickly. We often see early feature releases and BETA programs for the early adopters. At this stage some things may go wrong and that’s usually not critical. Product teams in startups use this approach to make fast progress and get things right quickly. In a banking world, customer expectations are a bit different. Nothing can ever go wrong with their money. This makes product experimentation more complex. Imagine you’re a customer and something goes wrong with money. A payment must succeed, a balance must be right, a transaction overview must be correct. Our speakers from PENTA are building one of the most innovative solutions for company accounts. Creating a bank account for your new startup has never been that easy and tracking employee payments with optional employee cards makes an entrepreneur’s life so much better. They will introduce us to how they include customers throughout their product development life cycle, making sure they discover solutions that matches their product vision to customer realities.

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