Wat we doen

What and why?

Like the name of this Meetup says: learn to code, together! Want to take your first steps into coding? Have a project on your mind and don't know where to start? Already an avid coder/programmer/designer, but you want to meet likeminded people? Come join us!
Bring your own laptop, talk about the (coding)stuff that you like and sip some coffee. All the while working on your own project. Asking for help or tips when you get stuck, or help someone else with problems (I mean 'challenges') you already solved.

For who?

It doesn't matter what programming language you prefer, or what skill-level you have. It doesn't matter what kind of project you are working on (webapps, games, etc.). As long as you are willing to learn stuff on your own (with some help), share your knowledge and experiences and just want to have a good time with likeminded people, then this meetup is for you.
We kunnen 'gewoon' in het Nederlands converseren, but English speaking people are more than welcome.

For who not?

This is not a commercially organised programming course, so don't expect to be taken by the hand. Expect to actively participate instead of leaning back, expect to have fun and expect helping people or ask for help. You decide what you get out of it.
This is not for pedantic programmers who love to talk for hours about theoretical stuff. This is for normal people with love for coding and a 'get shit done'-attitude.


- Step on your bike, get on a train/plane, or get in your car (don't forget your laptop!),
- Travel to the meetup,
- Have lots of fun and work on your own project,
- That's it! No strings attached.

When and where?

In Nijmegen, most likely near the city centre. The exact location needs to be decided yet.

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