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Welcome to our Leiden Photo Club!

This Club is for everyone who lives in Leiden (and the surrounding area) and loves photography; all skill levels and all equipment are welcome! Our intention is to help grow photographic activities and interest in and around the Leiden area.

The club is founded by Vassia Sarantopoulou, resident of Leiden and owner of the Anti-Loneliness Project (https://www.antiloneliness.com/), and Charlie Taylor, Business Owner of Charlie Taylor Photography (https://www.charlietaylor.nl/).

Charlie & Vassia will guide you around Leiden with particular attention to the theme of the walk. Locations will be determined based on the theme. The meeting point will be outside Leiden Centraal Station at 11 am. Charlie will help you along the way with any questions you have. If you aren’t sure how your camera works, please remember to bring the manual with you.

We plan to make 6 photowalks until the end of 2018. These walks are free of charge and are aimed at anyone who is interested in photography. Any level of photographer is welcome, especially beginners.

The walks will be held monthly on a Sunday morning, please see the agenda for further details. Each walk will commence at 11.00 and last for an approximate duration of 2 and a half hours.

The photowalks are provided free of charge, we hope to build a community of photographers in and around the Leiden area – helping each other to become better photographers.
You will meet with other aspiring photographers and have the chance to improve your photographic skills along the way.

Beside the photo-walks, we will also organise mini workshops and courses. Hopefully, we can organise an exhibition with our photos one day! :-)

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, join us, learn and have fun with us!

Vassia & Charlie

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Leiden Photo Walk #17: Colours & Textures

Leiden City Hall

Museum Photo Walk

National Museum of Antiquities

Leiden Photo Club #14: Leidse Hout

Leidse Hout