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Do you live in Leiden and write in English? Meet other writers and get feedback on your work! This meetup is open to writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We'll meet about twice a month (every other week), once to talk about writing and do some exercises, and once to workshop one another's work. You can use the exercise we did in the writers social to bring to the workshop! Maybe in the future we'll also have silent writing sessions and other activities, I'm open to suggestions!

Disclaimer: this meetup is for advanced or native English speakers. If you're still working on grammar and vocabulary, another group might be a better fit.

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Meet the writers!

Online event

Meet the people who write in English in Leiden! We'll meet on Zoom! Bring your own tea and cookies. We're still looking for a host who has Zoom Premium, because my free version is limited. Can you help us? Let Paula Breuning know! We'll also do a bit of actual writing, someone is preparing a fun exercise. In the past we've done: picture prompts, describe the room, pick a person, the numbers game, write about a taboo, describe a character through their coffee cup, write from the perspective of someone you know well, introduce an eminence grise into your story, random first sentence, a story someone told you.... I have a bunch of writing exercises up my sleeve, but would like to hear from you as well. Do you have fun ideas for a writing exercise 10-30 minutes in length? Post in the comments below or message me.

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Online Workshop: get feedback on your writing