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This is a group for anyone interested in taking long weekend trips out of Amsterdam, to bounce around Europe. Please join us also at:


We'll meet twice every 3-6 weeks (or "on demand"). The first meeting is for the large general membership to brainstorm city ideas. After the city or cities have been finalized, perhaps the second meeting(s) is a (fun!) afternoon for small groups to independently announce, plan and book travel/accommodations/itinerary to the new European city... Trips will typically last 3-5 days (including travel days), and hopefully designed to visit the occasional festival (i.e. Oktoberfest / San Fermin) or sports event (i.e. Wimbledon/French Open/soccer)... Group size per trip should probably be at least 4 people. Ideally, we can all board the same airplane flights! If groups become "too big", no need to worry; everybody would be welcome to have their own private tour activities. But then hopefully everyone attempts to meet up at least once during the trip!

Budget-wise, trips will generally involve hotels, not hostels. That said, this group is still mainly intended for adventure, not necessarily for luxury, and so fits young or even mid-level professionals particularly well. Singles, couples, Dutchies and ex-pats are equally welcomed.

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Discuss a trip to Croatia, Montenegro and Albania
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I am planning a tour to these areas (probably about 7-8 days); I worked in Montenegro and areas of Eastern Europe and had a book published on the region two years ago. I would hope for a small group of people I can get to know, to join some personal friends and will be offering single rooms without supplement for those who want them. I live in The Hague and would like to hear from anyone interested so we can set a date to discuss and a good time to go this year. Lyn

Maastricht and Drielandenpunt (Tripoint) Day Tour
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Early Summer breeze is in the air! On Thursday 25 May is Hemelvaart public holiday, a spontaneously plan on request, let's enjoy a nice day out in the south of the Netherlands! The capital city of Limburg province may actually be the oldest city in the country. It has been inhabited continuously since Roman times, evolving from a Roman settlement to a religious center and an early industrial city. Because of its strategic position on the Meuse River, Maastricht has been attacked by foreign powers on countless occasions over the centuries. You’ll see elaborate city walls, moats, forts and other defensive works around the city as a result. In addition, there is a network of underground passageways built between 1575 and 1825. The tunnels were used to surprise enemies during times of siege, and are now partially open to the public. Maastricht is also known as a city of indulgences and fine cuisine. The city's celebration of Carnival is among the biggest and most festive in all of the Netherlands. Visit the Tripoint (Drielandenpunt), where the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet. Head to the highest point in the country on Vaalserberg, at 322.7 meters. -------------------- 10:00 Pick up: Burger King, Schiphol Extra pick up depends on nr. of participants 12:30 Arrive Maastricht 17:00 Arrive Tripoint 18:00 Leave Tripoint 21:00 Arrive Schiphol ------------------------- Price: €55 ***Only 2 days to go and we all want to make it happen! Pls confirm TODAY by PM! *Price includes: Transportation in luxury tour coach and guide. And lots of FUN with our international group! ---------------------------------------------------------- For registration, pls PM your full name with mobile for contact, or email to [masked]. -------------------------------------------------------------- IBAN: NL 74 RABO[masked] Cherry Travel & Tours -------------------------------------------------------------- ***IMPORTANT: Pls state your name which is known on social media when you make transfer Let's have nice day out in the relaxing Southern ambiance and making new friends!

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Giethoorn Day Tour

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam