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makesense Amsterdam hotspot strategy session
🚀LET'S SCALE OUR IMPACT IN AMSTERDAM! makesense has been active in Amsterdam for 7 years and has organized more than 120 events since then, supporting social entrepreneurs with our growing community of almost 1000 old and new committed volunteers. To maximise our efforts and create as much as impact as possible, we sometimes need to collectively gather and shape all together a strong vision, a strategy and a practical action plan. This time has come in Amsterdam! 👐 All together, as super citizens, let’s co-create the new path of our organisation! What do we want to achieve in the next months? Where do we want to take the hotspot? Which issue do we want to focus on? Which role do we want for makesense in the ecosystem of our city? What do I, personally, want to learn and do within makesense in the next months? These are all the question that we will be exploring to align on a vision and a mission for the community in Amsterdam that fulfill everyone's expectations. Be prepared to get surprised to play, laugh, think (alone, in pair, in groups), to build plans for the next months, to commit together and build tangible future actions in our community! Lauren Miller Makesense, Community Developer for Europe at makesense, will be there to facilitate this session! ☝REQUIREMENTS This event is for anybody who want to dedicate energy, time, brain and actions within and for the makesense community as volunteer in the next few months. This is about you AS PART of the makesense community. To avoid losing time during this meeting that will be dense, we need everyone to be on the same level of information about makesense. ➡ Don't hesitate to get lost on this website (password: supervolunteer2018) to discover more about our formats of events and methodologies: https://community.makesense.org/ ➡ For those who need it, Lauren Miller Makesense will organize just before the event, a quick presentation of makesense for the newbies. So if you want more infos, come 30mins in advance! See you next week! makesense: LEARN - CREATE - TRANSFORM.

Broedplaats Bouw

Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74, · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

makesense is an open project built by a community of people passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the web. The aim of makesense is to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges and succeed in reaching their social and/or environmental goals. In that way, we can create a better world together, by helping initiatives and social businesses that aim to have a positive impact and solve pressing social and environmental issues.

Join us and help Social Entrepreneurs take up their challenges with makesense. Choose a project you like and start working with the social entrepreneur and other wonderful people on the challenge the initiative is facing and help in creating positive impact.

Social entrepreneurs are people that pursue innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. Our mission is to help them develop and scale their projects by connecting them to individuals like you! makesense boosts the impact of social entrepreneurs, experts, students and other like-minded players through various events that connect the local social entrepreneurial scene.

We host SenseDrinks, meant as gatherings of people around the different aspects of social initiatives, expanding the community, and help lonely change makers surface and realize they are not alone, and there is much they can contribute, and in very simple ways.
Beside SenseDrinks, which are held monthly at each of the four hotspots in the Netherlands, we host also creativity workshops, which are called Hold-Ups. These brainstorming sessions were well designed and altered continuously by the makesense community since their inception at the end of 2009.
We also host MKS rooms, SenseCamps, and anything else that makes sense ;-)

Get more info at: http://www.makesense.org/ This group’s objective is to foster the local community of ‘SenseMakers in the Netherlands. If that sounds like a cool thing and you would also like to take part, don't hesitate to join the group.

We have 8 hotspots (locations) in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Den Haag, Amersfoort, and Nijmegen.

You can connect with these groups individually by joining their FaceBook groups in the following links:











Den Haag






See you online, at the events, and feel free to connect personally for any help !!!