Getting Your App Production Ready with TestFlight, Selenium and Flood.IO

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Mendix is the perfect tool to create a working application or prototype to test the feasibility of your ideas directly with your end users. As cloud native as Mendix is, deployment to the Apple App Store is still a separate process. We will take you along on our journey to distribute the app via TestFlight so it ends up with key users at our client who have actually used the application and get the feedback loop, fast!

Developing applications, even with low code, comes with a set of rule that applies to both low- and high code: you have to think about your security, user experience and performance, just to name a few. When you want to include a load test into your development cycle, what are your options? We used Selenium and to run our tests and gain valuable insights on app performance for the future.

Join this meetup to learn:
- how to prepare your app for iOS deployment with TestFlight
- how to test your app using Selenium and Flood.IO

== Agenda📅 ==

18:00 Dinner🍕
19:00 Presentations👨‍🏫

1) Rapid Prototyping and Distribution with TestFlight - Frederic Petrignani
2) Using Selenium and Flood.IO to UI Load Test Applications - Anthony Dickinson

20:30 Drinks & Networking 🍺

General information

• Please let us know if you will join us for dinner and if you have a special diet
• Free parking next to building


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