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12 kms Mountainbike trip in the nature and woods of Rhenen
Hi guys! Join me on this awesome mountainbike trip in the beautiful woods of Rhenen - Part of the “Utrechtse Heuvelrug“. The Utrechtse Heuvelrug is a sand ridge in the landscape of the Dutch provinces Utrecht and Noord-Holland and its 134 kms long / 100 km². The skill level for this day is just beginners. There are some (Dutch) hills and small obstacles but nothing big. Please take note that a mountainbike is more difficult than a normal bike. 😉 We will meet in Veenendaal where we will rent the bikes with helmet and bidon. Then we will cycle to the woods (around 20 mins) where we will cycle a total of 12 kms in Rhenen. This is a circle of 6.5 km, which we will do twice (if you want you can do it as much as you want this day). So no worries when you are behind, we can find each other easily. Just follow the signs in our specific color for this route. The costs for this trip will be 20 euro. We will be cycling for around 3 hours. With your own mountainbike you can also join, message me in this case. Practical: 3 people can drive with me from Zeist in my car. Let's make a group of max 10 people. There is already me and my friend. The first 8 who have paid are the lucky ones. Send me a PM for my bank details because I have to make a reservation. To keep it easy no refund, only when you've found another person. When this trip goes well we can try next time a more difficult route! Rhenen is pretty close to city Wageningen, which is very nice to visit after this sporty event!

Outline travel

Buurtlaan West 5 · Veenendaal

€ 20,00

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