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Espresso: Give it a Shot!

Join us for out first meetup (of 2019): a hands-on workshop where we'll show you how to get started with UI automation for Android apps using Espresso.

Espresso is Google's test framework for Android apps, and to quote Google:
"Espresso tests run optimally fast! It lets you leave your waits, syncs, sleeps, and polls behind while it manipulates and asserts on the application UI when it is at rest."

Sounds good right? In this workshop we'll help you to get started with the basics: add dependencies, write your first Espresso test and try a few features that help Espresso stand out from the competition, such as automating RecyclerViews without delay.

Target Audience
• People familiar with the basics of Java and interested in Test Automation with Espresso.
• Preferably a little experience with automation (ie. familiar with annotations such as @Test).
• No need to be experienced with App development.

It's a hands-on workshop, so you'll need to bring your own laptop and have Android Studio installed.

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