Volgende Meetup

Let's kick off the week with some feel good tunes!
Another fun night playing songbook tunes and solos!

Rietveld Theater Delft

Rietveld 49, 2611 LH Delft · Delft

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Wat we doen

Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, ukulele players of all levels meeting for a jam session in a bar in Delft. Strumming, finger picking and chord exercises. Playing easy songs, for start, previously choosen by the group members. Songbook and more info at http://www.mycloghasfleas.nl/ (by Joert - http://www.joert.com/ )

The idea is not new. In London, in three different bars, ukulele players meet every Wednesday evening: http://ukulelewednesdays.com/.

All levels are welcome. Tune your ukulele and join!

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