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This Meetup is for people who love to go to Amusement Parks and live in or near the Netherlands.

We all know how great it is to visit Amusement Parks with family or friends, but there are those times where you really want to go and sadly no one is up for it. This group is for all those times. Make some new friends, and have fun!

But even if you do have friends and family to go with you, by joining this group you will have the chance to go together with others and get better priced group tickets.

We also welcome people (including families) that haven't been to Amusement Parks before and need some company for their first time!

Our Amusement Parks Meetup covers all the following (and maybe even more!):
- Theme parks (pretpark)
- Funfairs (kermis)
- Water parks
- Family entertainment centers


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