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Welcome to Nature 2.0 - A community of communities.

The narrative

“Nature 2.0 is a possible vision of the future. A hopeful one. It combines and extends Artificial Intelligence & blockchain into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance.“ -Trent McConaghy

Nature 2.0 aims to create commons, ecosystems of abundance or ownerless ecosystems.

We are a community of communities, part of an ecosystem of creatives, developers, engineers, dreamers, biologist and many more.

In our challenges we will ask you to design disruption before it happens. 

In nature 2.0 you’ll build the unimaginable

The unimaginable, the crazy is already around us: 8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, food, transportation and energy. None of these systems are based on ownership, identity, scarcity and money like us humans know it.

We look at nature as inspiration and combine it with the new technologies of today to build new narratives for the future.

The Hackathon

In April 2019, we went with 10 teams to the Odyssey Hackathon.

This is our aftermovie:

The first steps

In the first months after the creation of our Meetup we followed a 3 layered exploratory approach to build Nature 2.0 solutions. This approach follow Dimitri de Jonghe and Trent McConaghy's idea, based on this article.

You can find the harvest of those meetups here.

Join us

We are in the weeks after the Odyssey Hackathon, and will unveil the next steps of the exploration soon

The communities are sharing additional events, stories, building blocks on And they are looking for you to join the movement, share and participate in their endeavor.

Get in touch with if you have any questions. Don’t forget to say hello to our sister meetup in BERLIN

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