Volgende Meetup

Open discussion on a Sunday Afternoon
You're invited to join the conversation! Nice things to bring are curiousity and an open mind. Together we can consider which topic to start with.

Cafe Jan Primus

Jan van Scorelstraat 27-31, · Utrecht

Wat we doen

I am looking for people that feel the need to discuss topics that may concern any person. In particular topics that can be seen as progressive, controversial and/or unconventional. My personal aim is to learn from different (cultural and personal) points of view and to escape the superficial. I thought an international discussion group is a nice alternative for the internet-driven interaction? As a typical Dutch "Polderperson" I would like to shape this group together with its members. An example of discussed topics can be found under the tab 'Discussions' (not available on app) in document about meeting 4, 1st of March 2017. Feel free to suggest a topic you're interested in, if you like.