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November Project Workout
November Project Amsterdam. FREE fitness, FREE community, 6:28am every Wednesday. Getting fit. Having fun. All levels, all humans. €0 First Wednesday of the month = Rietlandpark Last Wednesday of the month = Nemo Bridges Other Wednesdays = Nemo Stairs Much love, #NP_AMS (https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/np_ams) Co-Leaders

Heeft een locatie nodig

Wat we doen

When: Every wednesday morning 6:28 AM at Nemo stairs.
Just show up! We inspire, perspire, on fire. Rain or shine.

What is November Project?

Getting up early sucks. Getting up early in the dark, rain, cold, or all of the above, sucks even worse. But when you #justshowup to NP early on a dark, cold, rainy Wednesday morning at NEMO, you are showing up to smiling faces of people just like you. They will give you a hips-in hug (get over it), they will tell you that they are glad you came, and then they will join you in a workout that will kick your ass. It doesn't matter if you are an olympic triathlete, or a recent couch potato - all workouts are contained and inclusive. You could be on your 17th set of stair sprints while the person next to you is just trying to get to the top twice that morning. November Project is for everyone. How much does it cost? Zero euro. We repeat ZERO EURO. Fitness should be free. Community should be free. Meeting new friends, seeing the sunrise over the Oosterdok, and getting faster, stronger, better, should be free.

Why so early?

Because excuses stink. Any other time of the day, there can be a million excuses not to work out -drinks after work, studying, picking kids up from activities, working late, dinner plans, etc. The only excuse you have at 6:30 in the morning is that you couldn't get out of bed to see your friends, give out some high-fives, destroy some stairs, and get your workout in before you start your work day.

Much love,
#NP_AMS Co-Leaders