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Code sharing with the Angular CLI & African healthcare, Cypress and me
Maybe you're going to CodeOne, JFall or Devoxx. That's cool, but you won't hear any of the good stuff there that Rachèl Heimbach and Jogchem Dijkstra have prepared for you at this meetup. So choose wisely ;-) The meetup will be at the OpenValue office in Amersfoort (https://goo.gl/maps/JY7xxaGbHy62), enough free parking spaces are available. Agenda 17:30 Walk in 18:00 Pizza 18:30 Talk 1 (see below) 19:30 Break 19:45 Talk 2 (see below) 20:45 Drinks Talk 1: Code sharing with the Angular CLI One of the key features of Angular 2 on its release was platform independency. Write mobile/desktop/web apps using your amazing Angular skills and share the goodness, but what is that goodness exactly? State? Components? Business logic? Angular promised us cross platform code sharing with ease, so let's put that to the test! The past few years I have developed Angular mobile/web apps for a company (Essent) that has committed to Angular since its RC candidate. Today over 5 teams are working on web/mobile applications and utilize shared code via NPM. In this talk you'll learn how you can start sharing code, what you should and shouldn't consider sharing and how to store/maintain the code. Sharing code has plenty of pitfalls but it all comes down to finding the balance between effort, complexity, reward and maintenance Speaker: Rachèl Heimbach Software engineer and trainer at OpenValue. Been working with Angular for years and love te share knowledge. Talk 2 African healthcare, Cypress and me So you have to get started on an existing application. You start by looking at the unit tests, but they only describe the details. How do you find out how the components work together? How does a real user interact with the complete application? How to confirm you have interpreted the workflow correctly? And most importantly: how to store this knowledge? Join me on my quest to get my head around M-TIBA, the healthcare payment product built by Carepay in Kenya. We'll look at running tests Selenium-free with Cypress, while using Cucumber to write scenarios in plain English. In this talk I show how to: * run the scenarios both with stubbed and real backends; * find the proper level of abstraction for writing the tests; * agree on the user flows before writing the code; * rely less on manual testing. Speaker: Jogchem Dijkstra Full stack (but mostly Java) developer at OpenValue. Functional code is better code. No code coverage is no hope. Always looking for the shortest path.

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