Wat we doen

Each Owned meetup we invite an expert to talk about their field of expertise or we ask a product owner to share how they craft their work. This meetup is in Utrecht.


Q: I'm don't have a lot of experience as a product owner, can I join?

A: Yes!!! Owned is a meetup is both for experienced product owners and for novice product owners, it is all about sharing and learning.

Q: What can I expect at this meetup?

A: Owned tickets are free, but you have to be quick because events can fill up fast.

If you get a ticket, you can show up on Tuesday evening (after work), meet other product owners, and hear an inspiring 30-minute talk from a speaker that’s related to the craft of being a product owner.

After the talk, there’s usually a Q&A, you can share that you are looking for a job or hiring po’s, share nice events to go to or drop a question at the backlog and talk about them afterwards.

You’re out of the door by 9 PM, inspired to pass the love for product owning forward.

Q: I want to talk, maybe... Or know this awesome person I want to see speak at Owned. What can I do?

A: Contact me (Karlijn) if you think about giving a presentation. Together we can see if your talk (or idea) fits this meetup.

If you know a great PO (or expert in a field related to product owning), let me know. I can contact them and see if they are willing to talk. But we do not pay our speakers, so flying in Elon Musk from the US of A is not in scope for Owned.

Q: I want to host Owned because we are looking to hire product owners

A: Ah cool, feel free to contact me. I'm always looking for nice places in Utrecht to host this event and you can meet a lot of po's. We need you, you need us, that's no secret so lets work together!

If you just want to support this event without looking for new hires, that is also very cool. Reach out!!

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Owned - No 3

Heeft een locatie nodig

Thomas van Zuijlen will lead this evening. Thomas discribes himself as a Scrum Master (PSM II) and facilitator with a knack for working with internationally distributed teams. He has a positive outlook on EVERYTHING and a passion for agile coaching. Effective and engaging workshops are his jam. I have a background in front-end dev, PoliSci & film trivia. I know Thomas for a few years and personally know him as a highly skilled and entertaining Scrum Master. Working with Thomas in a product owner / scrum master team is high on my personal wish list. https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasvanzuijlen/

Owned - No 4

Heeft een locatie nodig

Owned - No 4: New speaker, new venue, same dose of inspiration!

Owned - No 5

Heeft een locatie nodig

Owned - No 5: New speaker, new venue, same dose of inspiration!