• Owned - No 3: Scrum PB&J: PO/SM Clinic

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    He is high on my scrum masters to work with list. So yes, I would like to be his jelly! I am extremely happy Thomas is my 3rd speaker. About his talk/clinic: Good by themselves, great together: the Product Owner and the Scrum Master are the peanut butter & jelly of the Scrum sandwich. POs and Scrum Masters work in different ways to get the best out of their Scrum teams. To be effective, they also need to get the best out of each other: a relationship worthy of its own regular inspection and adaptation. So in this session, we’ll explore the balance between the PO and the Scrum Master. Using your personal experience in a series of hands-on exercises, we’ll get a clearer sense of what you need from your counterpart. Join the clinic with your Scrum Master and exercise your agile muscles together — our goal is to walk away with renewed insights and an improved sense of how to work together effectively towards a greater Scrum sandwich. Err, balance. *Can’t bring your counterpart? Have a different job title altogether? Are you the developer bread in the Scrum sandwich? No problem: join in and share your perspective. Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate facilitator and an agile geek. He works as a freelance Scrum Master and writes a weekly newsletter about Scrum, coaching and development, called The Backlog. https://thebacklog.cc/ https://thomasvanzuijlen.nl

  • Owned - No 4

    Heeft een locatie nodig

    Owned - No 4: New speaker, new venue, same dose of inspiration!

  • Owned - No 5

    Heeft een locatie nodig

    Owned - No 5: New speaker, new venue, same dose of inspiration!