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Wat we doen

We will Meetup at the vibrant co-working space of 75 Harringtonstreet. In this dynamic and fluid environment serendipity is always just around the corner. On the evening of the 24th we are going to help you discover a few of the treasures that this place holds.

Through short talks of 15 minutes there will be entrepeneurs, funtrepeneurs and other interesting people sharing their story. We will give you enough food for thought for a great conversation. Topics will be a mix of brains, tech and culture.

Food & Drinks
Fasal Cafe will be serving snacks and you can buy drinks.

Pay what it's worth
Permanent Beta uses the least money possible and really believes in the sharing economy. But a free Meetup doesn't mean that there is no value in it. People who contribute to this event do this with a lot of love and passion. So the idea is that if you have an interesting and valuable evening feel free to give back some love in the honesty jar.

Doors open at 18.30
Talks start at 19.00

We will add more of the programme in the upcoming days, so stay tuned! It is going to be a fluid event and will grow until the evening ends ;)

• Megan Lindow - How can food and stories help to shape a Good Anthropocene(s)?

Food and stories both cut to the heart of what it means to be human. How we eat and what stories we tell will have profound consequences in shaping our future on Earth.

• Our Workshop - Makerspace

They will take you on a small tour into the miracle jungle of their incredible makerspace. Every week they organise a workshop where you can release the maker in you :)

• Clare Walker & Steve Harris - Black Swans

What are Blach Swans? Where do they occur? And how do you apply this in your daily life and business?

• Nick Talbot - Designers of Change

He will tell about his experience of 75hs and it's impact on his life and work.

• Martijn Aslander - Stand-up filosopher on the impact of technology on our society

As an explorer of the information age, his insights into networking and new technology will give disruptive views on social and information capital.