Wat we doen

Starting from 11th May at Sportpark De Hoop, Bieschbosch 39 in Duivendrecht. Free parking and close to Arena area and Amstel Station.
We will play on a 6 a side pitch with real grass, outdoor terrace and cosy canteen.
The price is between 4 and 6 Euro per person depending on the number of players. Payment goes to R. Semmoh NL43ABNA0480644195.
You can also register a team for 10 weeks via home@pickyourteam.nl
There are a couple of rules:

1) No Show get you a permanent ban. There are a lot of people who want spots, simply not showing up means that the teams have uneven numbers and thus are not fun games to play in and you ruin it for all.
2) Send your whatsapp number to me to hear the next available dates and times
3) If there are other people playing on the court before our starting time, do not enter the court.