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Boardgames at the Fenix Food Factory
Let's play some awesome board games, have a drink and a snack from the awesome stands in the Fenix Food Factory. You'll find us in the center of the hall at the Stroop stand! Look for the tall mountains of board games.

Fenix Food Factory

Veerlaan 19, 3072 AN Katendrecht · Rotterdam

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Wat we doen

We play bi-weekly in either the Wijkpaleis or the Fenix Food Factory during Thursday evenings. We have a variaty of games there, regulars bring games. If you fancy a game from my collection check it out here (https://tinyurl.com/y8smadqg).

This night is open to everyone who fancies a board game, a novice or a pro, a noob or a casual player, everyone is invited to join. Oh and, beginners don't be affraid to join, every game will be explained before we begin. So if you don't know the rules that's fine! Our Primairy goal is having fun at an evening filled with boardgames.

Join us to play a game, entree fee is 0 euro.