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    I love to play poker, just a friendly way with little money involved. Of course the objective is not making money, but just to meet people and have fun. Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, with a buy-in about 10€ for 1000$chips. Re-buys are allowed only for first 60mins of the game, (Rebuys allowed only when you don't have any more chips left, you can't stack up).

    Texas holdém poker Tournament style, we will use the following rules:

    10 euros buy-in - 1000$ chips

    Re-buy allowed only in first 60mins

    1/2$ blinds and blind increases every 20mins, once it reaches 20/40.

    Usual table is 8 and 2 winners out of 8 players:

    1st Place - 70%

    2nd place - 30%

    If there is more than one table, we can have 3 winners (1st - 60%, 2nd - 30% & 3rd - 10%)

    So far we are a bunch of expats, meeting regularly once a month. Join the fun!


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