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Join passionate product owners on their mission to improve the best job there is: building products with true impact on our lives. It all starts with a great idea, a passion, a love for a product that can truly innovate the business model. So how can we help? Being a product owner is challenging role, the best way to get better at is by doing it a lot in practice, but also by getting together and learn from each others experience.

This group is intended for seasoned product owners who want to share their challenges and gain in-depth insights. We want to focus on the daily and long term challenges of Product Owners. During our meetup's we will focus on specific themes within this working field inspired by speakers who operate where the action happens..! Let's get together and stimulate knowledge exchange and meet great inspirational people! I encourage the community to be pro-active by sharing ideas, posts and comments.

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From Design Thinking to Design Doing.

Xebia Amsterdam

Design Thinking is hot! Many companies are talking about it and experiment with what this mindset really means. Maybe you even did a Design Sprint already. And yet Design Thinking is more difficult than it seems. Having the right mindset is not enough. It’s about Design Doing! In this meetup we will discuss how to get the right mindset into the DNA of your people and company. Xebia Studio will guide us in this Meetup. You will leave with practical tips and tricks to start the next day. Be prepared: you might already get some useful insights right away! As usual this will be a high paced, interactive, collaborative session, so not suited for the Product Owners who expect so sit back and relax! Program: 18:00 Walk in and Dinner 19:00 Start of the interactive session 20:30 Wrap Up and drinks at the bar 21:00 End of program Waiting list friendliness: Please note that when you sign up, we do expect you to come. Be kind to the people on the waiting list, so don’t block a place if you won’t show. Photography/Video Consent: We will be taking photos and videos during the meetup, and we use these photos and videos in recap blog posts, social media, and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give us your consent to take photos and videos of you. If you do not want to give us your consent, please either let us know at check-in or change your RSVP to 'Not Going’. Looking forward to seeing you!

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