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Do you like Italy, and Rome? This is the right group for you! Here you can find events related to excursions in Rome, food and wine tasting, hiking and walking around the italian capital, and trips in the countryside, in search of typical food and historical tradition of Italy! Join us, italian lover! We are waiting for you!

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Train station - Tivoli

€ 16,00

Dear Explorers, this time we'd like to show you the beauty and the colors of the surroudings of Tivoli! The city of Tivoli , infact, is surrounded by copious locations to be involved in many outdoor activities during the year, for everyone. Among them, the wonderful naturalistic frame of Monte Catillo is the ideal place for hiking through different itineraries! WHAT WE'RE GOING TO SEE Monte Catillo, well-known as "Monte della Croce" for an iron cross located on its peak, outreaches for 1340 hectares inside the District of Tivoli. It has a rare microclimate, generated by the presence of the waterfalls and has a very different kind of plantations in extinction. The hiking activity is organized inside the Reserve of Monte Catillo, with marked paths accessible around the whole area. Mount Catillo Reserve stretches over 1,320 hectares on the Tivoli Mountains, continuing on from the southern slopes of the Lucretili Mountains and falls entirely within the territory covered by the municipality of Tivoli.The footpaths through the Reserve overlooking the River Aniene offer panoramic views of the Roman countryside in the distance to the south west, over the Lazio Apennines to the north east and the impressive local waterfalls of the Aniene, the town centre of Tivoli and the Villa d'Este. There is a remarkable variety of flora and fauna in the Reserve, not only for the sheer numbers of different species but also because they vary greatly for geographical and ecological reasons. In some cases these species have grown to considerable sizes and can be found in the woods, shrub lands and plains.Birdlife here includes predators such as kestrels, buzzards, tawny owls, owlets and horned owls.In the forests there are many different species of piciformes and passeriformes. Mammals include the wild boar and foxes, while mustelids include badgers, weasels, beech martens and various species of rodents and insectivores. EXCURSION DETAILS: difference in height: +/- 400 m difficulty level: medium duration: durata: 6 h (with stops) lenght: round trip +/- 13 Km Guide: Daniela Boccassino PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.15 : Meeting at Tivoli train station and starting of the hiking - 13.00 : Lunch time! - 17. 00 : End of the hiking - 18.06: Train for going back home (Rome) IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring your own sandwiches for this day hike. Bring also plenty of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk - wear trekking shoes, a hut, and take a kway with you (in case of rain) - bring a camera!:-) COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs 16€ and includes the natural guide for the hiking. Children under 12 years can come for free:-) HOW TO GET THERE Take the train from Tiburtina Station to Tivoli Train schedule Morning (TO GO) 09.20 - Roma Tiburtina 10.18 - Tivoli Train Station Afternoon (TO COME BACK HOME!) 18.07 - Tivoli Train Station 19.06 - Roma Tiburtina We will wait for you at Tivoli railway station. Dear Explorers, this is a hike you can't lose! You will see an incredible natural scenario, guided by Daniela, a natural guide that knows these places very very well, and that will help us to appreciate the area of Monti Lucretili discovering hidden corners and jewels that nobody knows:-) HOPE TO SEE YOU!


rignano flaminio

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Dear Explorers, this time we will bring you through one of the most beautiful natural Park around the capital, the Treja Valley. The Treja Valley is a protected area since 1982. The Regional Park Valle del Treja covers a territory of 650 hectares located in the middle stretch of the river Treja, right tributary of the Tiber. The Park can be visited all year round. The route along the river, with its windmills and waterfalls, is particularly evocative and full of environmental significance, but also full of sights and landscapes of rare beauty. WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE The natural protected area of Treja Valley We walk through a landscape characterized by gorges, vertical walls carved in volcanic rocks from the river flowing, surrounded by rolling hills planted with arable crops, orchards, vineyards, olive groves and hazelnut. The area of the park is covered for more than half by forests, mostly in public ownership. Monte Gelato waterfalls Later we will reach Monte Gelato. In Monte Gelato, the river Treja branches off in a series of small waterfalls to gather then again and enter the ravine. Here, men built in the past a tower and a mill for their needs, without disturbing the landscape. In the ravine, several spurs, elevations, and promontories of different volcanic rocks form charming settings and give life to landscapes with different vegetation. Several springs - also with mineral and ferruginous water - feed the watercourse. Calcata If in time, at the end of the trekking, we will se Calcata, the town located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Valle del Treia and wet from the river Treja. The ancient village, caracterized by houses of red tuff, has been a favorite destination for hundreds of Italian and foreign tourists, thanks to the Medieval streets, the typical shops and the ancient traditions. PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.00 : Meeting at Rignano Flaminio train station - 10.15 : By private cars to the trekking starting point - 10.45 : Enter to the protected area of Treja Valley - 13.00 : Lunch time! - 16.30 : End of the trekking - 17.00: By private cars to Rigano Flaminio train station IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring your own sandwiches for this day hike - plenty of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk. - trekking shoes, and a rain jacket - a camera TREKKING NOTICE Level of difficulty: medium Length: 14 km. Difference in altitude: 200 m. Guide : William Sersanti COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs costs 18€ , and includes the guide for the trekking. HOW TO GET THERE TO GO 8.55 - From Flaminio station (next to Metro A line stop) , take the train of Ferrovia Roma Nord to Montebello. 9.57 - Get off at Rignano Flaminio station We wait for you just outside the station of Rignano TO COME BACK 18.34- Take the train from Rignano directly to Flaminio station (Rome - Metro A) Hope to see you, explorer! It will be a very interesting and funny day in the open air!

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