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Every Tuesday: Balkan Fusion Dance (only ladies)
Get ready to dance and have some great fun! After a very tropical summer we pick up where we left and start again with energetic and great dancing lessons. The lessons are fun, get your body moving and you literally shake off the day (after work or study). Discover the Balkan sounds and enjoy a wonderful work out. Balkan Fusion Dance offers every Tuesday lesssons from 20 to 21pm. Have you always wanted to try something new then this is your chance! Check the video below to get an impression. But to really get a good picture you must of course come and dance :-) SIGN UP VIA: [masked] For who? For all women who love dancing and moving, and want to try something new. Besides a nice choreography, Balkan Fusion Dance is a full body work-out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br8bt42yHk4 ** Wear comfortable stretch clothing in which you can move freely. You can wear a wide skirt if you want too ! ** You will dance in socks or bare feet. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/balkanfusiondance More info : [masked] W: http://www.balkanfusiondance.nl Every Tuesday from 20-21 PM Location: Banierstraat 1, free parking from 18 PM DANCE. LAUGH. HAVE FUN!

Theaterzaal Bewonersbedrijf De Nieuwe Banier Rotterdam

Banierstraat 1 · Rotterdam

Wat we doen

This is a group for anyone who loves (Balkan) dancing and music. All levels interested are welcome. I started this group because I love to dance and want to share my experience.

Balkan Fusion Dance is characterized by a mix of dance and music from the Balkans Regions. Think of gypsy, bellydance, fast footwork combination, fast and slow beats. Rousing trumpets and irregular rhythms, music by Balkan Beat Box, Goran Bregović, Boban Marković, Shantel, Severina and many more!
Think of Southeast European, Oriental, Arab and even Latin influences.

Balkan Fusion Dance brings the joyful music of the Balkan regions together.Music and Dance gives you energy and distract you from daily duties! Let's start dancing! Opaaa!

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