Three Talks: Concurrency fundamentals, Tokio & WebAssembly

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We have a new meetup planned with three awesome talks.

Location, food and drinks are sponsored by Xebia.

- Fundamentals of the development of concurrent applications in Rust (Merlijn Boogerd)

- Tokio: the future of async Rust (Dirkjan Ochtman)

- WebAssembly in Rust (Sendil Kumar)

Two trends that are hard to ignore for the next generation of applications are the death of Moore’s law and the evolution of the web in terms of performance. The former is not so recent any more, but our ecosystem is still maturing when it comes to making optimal use of parallelism: scaling algorithms across multiple cores in a single machines as well as scaling applications over multiple machines.

The ubiquity of WebAssembly is a more recent trend, quickly gaining traction due to increasingly complex functionality being pushed to applications running in the browser.

Rust is well-positioned to become a big player in these areas: Rust provides zero-overhead abstractions and deterministic memory management, making it well-equipped to squeeze the most performance out of your hardware Rust’s memory safety guarantees make for fearless development of concurrent applications Rust’s minimal runtime and easy interoperability with other languages make it ideal for WebAssembly. In this event we will shed light on how the language and its ecosystem enable the development of next generation applications.

17:30 - Doors open, food is served, have a chat
18:30 - Talk 1
19:15 - Talk 2
20:00 - Talk 3
20:45 - Networking time, have a beer


If you have any dietary wishes, please let us know upfront so we can prepare something suited for everybody.