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This is a group for anyone interested in exploring the works of Shakespeare. The format is simple, proven and fun. You don't need to be an actor. You don't need a proper accent. You don't need to even have English as your first language. You just need to want to know more about Shakespeare. Will Sutton will provide the keynote presentation of X of the 37 plays or 154 sonnets and keep the ball rolling as to the 5 W's. YOU the audience prove his dictum that All the world's a stage by reading (acting) what's projected onto the screen. YOU can also just sit and listen and read along. No pressure, all pleasure. Next SHAOKE you can find under agenda here: http://www.shakespearekaraoke.com

Let me share my Shakespeare story with you:

Year ago as a fledgling actor Shakespeare intimidated the hell out of me. Exposure to the Bard happens whether you will or no. As a Northern England grammar school boy force-fed plots and sub-plots, choked by thematic and imagery based essays, saved by one teacher who allowed me and Josephine Cunliffe to improvise Macbeth and Lady M. At least for that year.

But I had learned that it could be fun. If you took the mick.

Skip forward a decade and impoverished in Amsterdam, enjoying free BBC shakespeare films at the British Council. Derek Jacobi as Richard 2nd made me fall in love with the poetic language. Yet fear and imaginary obstacles prevented me from pursuing my love of language and poetry as a study. But then acting accidentally fell into my path.

A small theatre in the Jordaan held auditions and I overcame my embarassment and auditioned for a Joe Orton piece. Acting became my passion and yet everyone seemed to know more than me. No drama school, no money, no hope. I needed to act. Production after production.

Then came the casting for Two Gentlemen of Verona. And the audition required that you learn a sonnet!

Needless to say i didn't learn my sonnet on time, the audition was lost, and my shakespeare career had to wait. But my love for language and poetry grew. As an actor i grew too and concluded that the higher status i gave my more successful friends may be unwarranted. They memorised and spoke the words but that didn't mean they understood them. This epiphany made me hunger for more knowledge.

I bought a bilingual sonnet book. I determined to learn them ALL.

Fast forward to 20 years later and this group. I did. My sonnet book arrives today and I'm nervous and waiting...

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