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Sacred Harp is 'a cappella singing' from a living American tradition that goes back at least 200 years. It is loud, it has funny note shapes, folk-like melodies, is harmonized in an unorthodox style, and anyone can join in.

So if you think you can't sing (well), or don't like practicing, this is your place. It is not about performing for an audience, but about singing together for yourself and the group and enjoying the music together.

We all sing from the book 'The Sacred Harp' (Denson 1991 edition). For your first time we'll provide loaners. If you want to join in regularly you can obtain the book from us for €35,-. The songs have religious (Christian) lyrics, but any belief or religion is welcome.

Singings are held twice per month, generally on the 2nd Friday at 20:00 and the 3rd or 4th Sunday at 18:00. The location depends per singing: the Friday singings circulate between different singer's houses, and the Sunday singings are at the St. Josephkapel in Amsterdam-West.

Sacred Harp Amsterdam is part of a huge global community. Throughout the year 'all-day-singings' are held all around Europe and the USA.

Some videos of the kind of songs we sing: https://www.youtube.com/user/CorkSacredHarp

Visit us on https://www.facebook.com/SacredHarpAmsterdam

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