Wat we doen

The Secret Chocolate Lounge - not just for chocolate nerds.. but for everyone who loves real chocolate!

Megan Giller – food blogger, writer and chocolate addict – inspired by the meetings of Gertrude Stein with Picasso, Cézanne, Joyce, Eliot and others in Paris in the 1920s, frequently organizes her ‘Underground Chocolate Salon’ in New York. These are attended by like-minded (or not so like-minded) people to get together and talk chocolate, as well as enjoy one another’s company. Professionals, chocoholics, and all other chocolate lovers are welcome.

We, in turn, got inspired my Megan and therefore introduce the Secret Chocolate Lounge.

An informal get-together about 'fine chocolate'. Sharing, learning, meeting and fun are key!

– The Secret Chocolate Lounge will be organized periodically, at various locations.
– The number of participants is limited to 10.
– Everyone can submit products. But please let me know beforehand by email at dennis@thehighfivecompany.com.
– The Secret Chocolate Lounge is free! Depending on the location it can be you have to pay for your consumptions.

Each Secret Chocolate Lounge will be different. It can be we assess and discuss one brand of chocolate, or different brands, or drinking chocolate, or... pairings... you name it. As long as it has to do with chocolate.