Wat we doen

Sensor Lab is a not-for-profit foundation based in the centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are focused on the education, exploration, creation and development of sensor and smart technologies. In today’s data-driven world, it is important to explore their application, possibilities and the future opportunities yet to be discovered.

We provide a space (https://www.sensorlab.nl/lab), technology, hardware and equipment for (digitally focused) entrepreneurs, designers, artists, developers and students. We give them the means to quickly discover, create and prototype new data, sensor and smart solutions. Visitors have the opportunity to develop and validate their ideas and concepts independently or with the assistance and guidance of Sensor Lab professionals.

Our workshops (https://www.sensorlab.nl/workshops) offer anyone interested in discovering and learning more about sensor technology a chance to receive hands-on instruction and improve upon their skills.

We regularly host and organize themed events (https://www.sensorlab.nl/events) to actively share knowledge, ideas and developments in the sensor and smart technology sector with other professionals in the field.

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