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This meetup is for everyone interested in SRE. We want to share what is SRE and how it fits into the DevOps way of working.

How is reliability defined?
Why is it an essential aspect of your IT landscape?

We will share experiences and ways to integrate reliability in your application design and architecture.

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SRE meets artificial intelligence

Xebia Netherlands BV

With an increasing amount of tooling, logging, and data it can be hard to determine when something is wrong and even harder to find out where it did go wrong. During this Meetup, we will take a look at how artificial intelligence works together with SRE to improve quality and reliability. Talk 1 by StackState: Is there a way we can leverage all our monitoring data and analyze it to predict failures in the future? We are excited to invite StackState, a company that combines IT operations data with Artificial Intelligence to learn about dependencies, allowing it to build a topology of dynamic IT landscapes and monitor it in real-time. Talk 2 by Frank Levering: With growing IT systems and increased amounts of technical components, monitoring is becoming overwhelming, how do we determine what is important versus what is noise? During this presentation, Frank will take you through a fictional case to determine what is important to measure within our business and reduce noise. -- Agenda -- 18:00: Dinner 18:30: StackState: Monitoring & AIOps 19:30: Break 19:45: Frank Levering: Monitoring value streams 20:45 Wrap up & Drinks If you have any questions feel free to send me a message at [masked].

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