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Smart Cookies is a quarterly event run by CookiesHQ (https://www.cookieshq.co.uk/), a technical agency that turns ideas into digital products.

This meetup is for all the smart cookies who are involved in the creative and digital industries and who are passionate about design, development and marketing. Each meetup will feature either three speakers or a panel, and discussion will centre around a theme related to bringing a digital product to market.

We bring people together to collaborate through combined knowledge. Smart Cookies is an inclusive event that promotes collaboration between disciplines so we can devise better solutions for all aspects of the creative process.

Whether you're a tech professional, an entrepreneur, freelancer or student, there will be something for you. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, make connections and join a community of smart cookies.

Come along and be inspired or - if you’d like to share your own experiences - why not contact us about becoming a speaker?

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Accessibility: Create a product that cares

Engine Shed

£ 5,00

What is accessibility? Why is it important when building new products? How can it affect your business? In an age where technical products are penetrating most areas of our lives, it is as important as ever to make sure that they are accessible for all. Indeed, technical products have the power to open up communities and link individuals to modern society, however, they can also leave people feeling isolated and left behind. We traditionally think of accessibility as being an issue for developers and designers. We will show how in fact accessibility is a concern for the whole team such as management, marketing and your bottom line. In our series of talks, CookiesHQ will open up discussion around the subject of technical products for all! Food and drinks will be provided.

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DBM #9 Growing Startups

The Engine Shed

£ 5,00