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Do you enjoy deep, honest and respectful discussions of fundamental human questions? If yes, then you will love this meet up!

We ask questions and discuss ideas to stimulate critical thinking. We enrich ourselves with the perspectives of others, not to convince others about our own perspectives.

Our meetups are about our own philosophies of life and not necessarily what the great philosophers and academics have said or written. It is not a debating club or a platform for proselytizing. Instead, we place the emphasis on questioning, open mindedness and challenging our own assumptions while listening to and considering the views shared by others.

A Socrates Café meeting typically ends with participants leaving with many more questions than they had at the beginning.


At the start of each meeting, the Facilitator invites participants to suggest topics. We then vote and choose that evening's most popular topic for discussion. No academic training in philosophy necessary; just enthusiasm for exchanging ideas and points of view.

A few examples of subjects chosen at past meetups:

• What ideals, if any, are worth dying for?

• What is the best form of government?

• What makes you "you" despite physical and experiential changes over your lifetime?

• What is beauty, and how important is it?

• What are ethical pricing and greed?

• What is the "best" education?

• What is true friendship?

• What would the world be like if women were in charge?


Everyone is welcome! Our events include women and men from different cultural backgrounds, ages, native languages, careers, and educational levels. No formal philosophical training is mandatory. The only requirements are a willingness to listen respectfully, and to be open to what people have to say even if you disagree. Putting down others is absolutely not allowed. You would also need at least minimal understanding of spoken English to participate. No one is required to speak, although sharing is encouraged within the supportive environment of the group.

Our usual participants are people that have a hunger for deeper understanding of themselves and the world.


The Socrates Café is run by a team of facilitating members. With more facilitators we can have more people joining the meet ups. If you like this meet up and want to help out making it available to more people, let us know.

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The Socrates Café - philosophical discussion (online event)

Socrates Café, digital edition. With rain and wind starting their half-year rule behind our windows, why not to enjoy a discussion about fundamental human questions directly from your favorite chair with a drink of your choice? Another VC, we get it - but if we all bring our creativity, curiosity and genuine interest to enrich ourselves with perspectives of others - it will likely be among your most inspiring ones! Number of participants is limited, so if you confirm - please be sure to join on time or cancel 24h in advance. Link to online event will be visible in description for confirmed participants. For those who’ve never joined before - this is how the meeting usually goes: 1. Getting together, informal introductions. 2. Waiting several minutes for those who is late or ultimately doesn’t show up. 3. Participants suggest their questions to discuss. It's recommended to keep one specific concept or idea in the center of the question to avoid that discussion wanders too much. 4. We select the most popular one by voting and explore it from various perspectives for the next 1.5-2 hours, ensuring that everyone has a say who feels like it. 5. We hardly ever have one ultimate conclusion as questions often don’t suppose it at all, thus we often leave with new inspiring questions or ideas which we’ve never considered before. It’s not a lecture! It’s participants like you who make the discussion a success, organizers just facilitate it. You can read more background in the meetup group description, and if you have any questions - feel free to ask! See you!