Beach Volleyball Drop-in

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Beachclub Zeezicht

Strandweg 49 · Scheveningen

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Look for the pink flamingo if you can't find us.

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* This event is not always hosted*

Beach volleyball is not only fun, it's also an excellent workout! Join us for a game with 2 or 4 teams of 4x4. This event is for both beginners as pros.
There's one net (in case it's occupied we'll need to wait). I will bring a ball (when joining), if you have one as well please bring it (otherwise it can get one cheap at Action or Bart Smit, please coordinate with eachother).

Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, water, a sweater, and a towel and swimwear, in case you want to go for a refreshing dive in the sea afterwards.

Location: Beachclub Zeezicht, Strandweg 49. Not sure if the number is correct, but it's on the right side of the Pier (the name of the beachclub is not showing very visable, so see picture and map).

Cost: none.

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**Please cancel your RSVP ahead of time (not later than 2 hours before start time). In case of unforeseen circumstances please send me a pm. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows will be registered.**

*This event is not always hosted*