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The Trap of Perfectionism, The Gift of Imperfection
"Fear can show up as perfectionism." Perfectionism is not about "delivering" perfect outcomes and doing everything right. Perfectionism is the overwhelming worrying of struggling to be perfect and never feeling good enough. Let's find out where this need of being perfect comes from and let's start loving our imperfections and ourselves as we are. This workshop will give you the useful insights and the mental tools you need in order to realize how you can minimize the stress of being perfect and reaching unreachable high standards. In this workshop, you will learn: -the reasons why you choose perfectionism over letting go -how to not overestimate what people think -how to cultivate more self-compassion and forgive yourself for your mistakes -how to not be afraid of failure -how to let go of the need to control -how to let go of your ideal/perfect self and emprace the Real You But not only that! -You will gain back your confidence and your self-acceptance! LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE - REGISTER NOW FOR TICKETS PLEASE VISIT- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-trap-of-perfectionism-the-gift-of-imperfection-tickets-50259626897 Kind regards, Vassia Sarantopoulou Counselor-Psychologist http://www.antiloneliness.com


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Welcome to Starting Over!

Divorce is one of the most stressful events that can happen to a human being. In our culture we rush to put a lid on emotions and the natural process that needs to happen to move forward successfully and freely. But you can't skip emotional steps! Just burying the feelings will not help us to learn from our experience, live authentically, or move forward with real freedom. We are a peer-led support group for men and women who are in any stage of separation, divorce or post-divorce. Our caring facilitators have all been through the divorce/breakup process in their own lives, but they also hold the scientific background to support us through such an overwhelming experience. Some of the topics we go through are:

-Recognizing what's happening to me
​-Dealing with loss
-The road to finding help
-Facing my anger
-Facing my depression
-Facing my loneliness
-Financial Survival
-Children Care
-New Relationships
-Moving On

We meet twice a month to help each other navigate the emotional roller coaster we all experience while going through this difficult time in our lives. We also share our personal experiences on getting through the legal process as this can seem quite overwhelming when life as you know it has been turned upside-down. At our meetings we provide positive support in a NON-JUDGMENTAL setting where each member has a chance to discuss the evening's topic or any issue that is relevant to his/her situation. While divorce is an end of a marriage, it also provides the opportunity for starting over and rebuilding the life you want. Social activities are open to members who regularly attend support meetings. We meet every week in the area of Leiden/The Hague. We request 25 euros at the end of each meeting (as you are able) to help defray meetup costs, these funds also go toward providing free or low-cost group events approximately twice per year. One is usually a holiday brunch at a restaurant.

Please note - Starting Over is first and foremost a support group, not a dating group.

Bring only your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts!

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