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Startup Boot is the connector of founders, startup CEOs and entrepreneurs. By organizing proactive events we inspire like- minded business people to learn from one other and grow their businesses. To create a new concept, we believe in the power of diversity and creativity without being afraid of sharing your ideas and visions. We can help your startup with WBSO, European subsidies, funding, development, coaching and more.

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Building your own development-team as a scale-up

How do I build my own development-team? We often get that question from start-ups and scale-ups, and we have the answer! In this Meetup we will share our experiences from the trenches, as an expert in building development-teams for scale-up companies. We will get you up to speed on the following topics: > How to find the right CTO for your company > From 0 to 10 developers in 12 months > How do I build my own development team? Program: 16.00 Walk-in 16.15 Start presentation ‘From 0 to 10 developers in 12 months’ 17.30 Break 17.45 Q&A with software experts 18.30 Networking This Meetup is hosted by Infi with drinks and bites!

Do’s & Don’ts in building a Tech Company & having a Dream exit!

Do’s & Don’ts in building a Tech Company To register please use: https://www.nomonkeybusiness.eu/vnoncw/ Techondernemers Iris Zonneveldt en René de Jong nemen je mee in de wijze waarop ze hun eigen tech-ondernemingen hebben laten groeien. Ze delen daarbij op interactieve wijze de Do’s & Don’ts die ze uit eigen ervaring hebben geleerd. Thema’s als strategie, financiering en het creëren van een succesvol team staan daarbij centraal. Jouw vragen zullen ze ter plekke beetpakken en beantwoorden. Achieve your Dream Exit In 2017 verkocht Martijn van der Hoeden zijn softwarebedrijf Assistance Software aan Unit4 voor zeer succsevol verkocht. Zijn geheim; begin vroegtijdig met het ‘verkoop-klaar’ maken van je bedrijf. Met No Monkey Business helpt Martijn tech-bedrijven een droom exit (of investering) te realiseren. Naast zijn persoonlijke ervaringen zal hij meer vertellen over het 4-Step Exit Program ® dat hij hiervoor ontwikkeld heeft Programma Inschrijven voor ons event, dat kan! Via [masked]. De themasessie zal plaatsvinden op donderdag 27 juni 2019 van 17.00 tot 21.00 uur. Mocht je mee willen eten kan kosten zijn slechts 10 EUR. "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." 17.00 – Ontvangst 17.30 – Start deel 1 | Do’s and Don’ts building a Tech Company 19.00 – Korte break 19.15 – Start deel 2 | Achieve your Dream Exit 20.30 – Netwerken 21.00 – Met nieuwe inzichten richting huis

Outgrow your barriers & why you should care

StartDock Keizersgracht

Face it, till you make it In a world of perfectionism, where we we are encouraged by the culture to work non-stop and hustle 24/7/365, it takes courage to slow down and honestly question yourself and your performance. Instead, we often believe a bigger goal or some other kind of external factor will change the way we experience and cope with the situations or others. Meanwhile, we find ourselves running into the same obstacles, being blinded and limited by the level of our systems. It’s a broken approach and the recipe for unhappy achievers, mediocre performance, and poor leadership. Whatever your challenge is, it’s during those times that your level of emotional intelligence determines whether your decisions will help you to evolve or repeat your experiences. During my talk I’ll share my perspective, learnings and a proven strategy to help you outgrow your barriers, allowing you to create a cycle of continues and never ending (self) improvement. Walkinn 15:50 Start introduction round 16.00 Presentation[masked] Networking afterwards at the location

Can I start a tech business without a CTO?

StartDock (Keizersgracht)

The total title is: Can I start a business without a CTO? In which phase of the business do I actually need a CTO? "In the early stages of a business, resources are scarce, so it is of utmost importance you only onboard the skills you really need. We will show you exactly when you do and when you do not need that bit of technical expertise in your company." At the end of the meet-up you will know: > When do I need to get new technical skills onboard. > If you need to onboard expertise/skills or are able to outsource it. > How far you can go without a CTO Walk inn: 15:45-16:00 Start presentation: 16:10 After there will be time for networking and maybe a boat ride! If you need help with subsidies, grants or want to speak on a event contact [masked] Sponsors: Moqod and Seedrs

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