Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

Make new contacts. Build stuff. Have fun!

Startup in 1 day gives you the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team and build an online concept in one day. Grow together quickly, establish a team spirit and apply your peers' skills efficiently to master the task. A team consisting of at least 1 project manager, 1 developer and 1 designer will build something awesome in one day. The challenge is to make a first prototype to pitch to potential users or investors. We start small, our first meetups will be only for 1 or 2 teams.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is motivated to bring in his/her skills and is open for a new experience. For instance online developers, designers, marketing professionals or business developers.

Why should I participate?

get a time-out from you business routine and try new things
build an online concept and learn in a playful way
get inspiration for your daily work
enhance your network
overcome obstacles in a team
find creative solutions in a short timescale
strengthen your presentation skills

If you have an idea yourself for an online concept that the team could build within one day, send us a message.