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Calling all talent acquisition aficionados, HR-lovers, and recruitment connoisseurs out there: welcome to Talent Acquisition Innovators community. We're on a mission to inspire and transform the future of hiring and what better way to do it than together.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators originally began as an active online community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tainnovators/) of talent acquisition, recruitment, and HR professionals. Today we want to connect this community even further through real-time and in-person events.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators is a community (and now meetup!) for people who are:

• Open to learning and sharing their experience fearlessly.

• Looking to cut the nonsense and deep dive into real recruitment topics, not just explore hypotheticals.

• Wanting to break the mould, try something new in HR, and maybe ruffle a few feathers.

• Ready to not only network, but really engage with other recruiters, HR and TA professionals.

• Not afraid to share real insights, actionable tips, tools, and examples to make recruitment a better space.

As a community, we promise to always provide cold beers, top-notch speakers, helpful takeaways, and thought-provoking discussions.

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How to humanize your employer brand through storytelling

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Are you ready to attract the best talent by building a brand people dream of working for? For this special online event, we have invited Emily Firth (CEO & Founder of thetruthworks) and Bailey Kropman (Head of Organizational Design and Performance @ OfferZen). Emily Firth will provide ways to improve your influence on internal stakeholders and leaders—helping them to see that your employer brand’s engagement and active participation is critical to your EVP’s success and credibility. Bailey Kropman will deep dive into how OfferZen has created and managed an employer brand to attract talent to the business. Bailey will unpack how OfferZen approaches building its employer branding as a talent and acquisition strategy. What you’ll learn - Insider secrets and actionable insights on how to influence leaders to care about employer branding so you can take your EB to the next level - The building blocks of creating a strong employer brand - Insight into OfferZen’s distinct communities and both the different and common ways they engage with their employer brand as well as a useful way of thinking about employee branding with overlapping specific communities Register here: https://app.livestorm.co/recruitee/employer-branding-storytelling Agenda 17:00 || Welcome & Introduction 17:05 || Emily Firth: 'How to get leaders to care about employer branding and why it’s matters' 17:25 || Bailey Kropman: 'Employer branding for talent and customer acquisition: How OfferZen tackles it’s unique position' 17:45 || Fireside chat with speakers 18:15 || End Meet the speakers Emily Firth (Global Employer Brand Strategic Consultant | CEO & Founder of thetruthworks): Emily is the founder of thetruthworks, an independent Global Employer Brand Consultancy based in Amsterdam and the former Global Head of Employer Branding at Booking.com (Winner of 2019 Best Employer Brand on LinkedIn 10K+ employees). Before that, she spent over a decade in marketing as a Strategic Business Director at leading creative agencies, helping to transform top global brands like Dove and Absolut vodka. She now applies all of that experience and creativity to help clients develop Employer Brands that are authentic, aspirational, and worth engaging with. Emily is a proud working mother and a vocal advocate for equality and inclusion globally and in the workplace. She enjoys speaking and writing on topics she feels passionate about in the areas of employer branding, D, I&B, and employment culture. Bailey Kropman (Head of Organizational Design and Performance @ OfferZen): After a weird and wonderful journey through marketing, events, academia, and consulting, Bailey realized her passion in life was to develop healthy cultures that help build great businesses. A registered Organizational Psychologist, Bailey, holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology. After a two year stint in consulting, Bailey joined a start-up where she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past five years, building the largest e-commerce fashion store in South Africa. Today, she leads the Organizational Design and People Ops team at OfferZen. Bailey believes that while the new normal may be daunting, it is also creating new opportunities. She’s excited to help OfferZen expand globally and transition the business towards a partially remote working way. Bailey is a mom to twins and two dogs, which is a passion in and of itself. Register here: https://app.livestorm.co/recruitee/employer-branding-storytelling

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The remote hiring policy challenge

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