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Calling all talent acquisition aficionados, HR-lovers, and recruitment connoisseurs out there: welcome to Talent Acquisition Innovators community. We're on a mission to inspire and transform the future of hiring and what better way to do it than together.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators originally began as an active online community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tainnovators/) of talent acquisition, recruitment, and HR professionals. Today we want to connect this community even further through real-time and in-person events.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators is a community (and now meetup!) for people who are:

• Open to learning and sharing their experience fearlessly.

• Looking to cut the nonsense and deep dive into real recruitment topics, not just explore hypotheticals.

• Wanting to break the mould, try something new in HR, and maybe ruffle a few feathers.

• Ready to not only network, but really engage with other recruiters, HR and TA professionals.

• Not afraid to share real insights, actionable tips, tools, and examples to make recruitment a better space.

As a community, we promise to always provide cold beers, top-notch speakers, helpful takeaways, and thought-provoking discussions.

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Challenges of Recruiting International Talent

We’re excited to announce that on Wednesday, May 8th the Talent Acquisition Innovators will be collaborating with Landing.jobs! Together we’ll bring you an exciting meetup about the challenges of recruiting international talent in a panel format! As companies face an increasing number of challenges to attracting the right talent for their teams and the borders become more open, recruiting international talent is fastly becoming a serious option for recruiters. But what new challenges does it bring? And how can companies hurdle them? That will be the subject of our meetup! The panel of hiring experts will be discussing: - The remote hiring process. - How to ensure international candidates fit in with your company culture. - How to convince your managers that hiring from abroad is a good strategy. - How to deal with visa support. Come prepared with questions! There’ll be chances to quiz our panelists. Hopefully, by the end of the session, you’ll be able to return to your office ready to face these challenges with new skills and insights on recruiting international talent! Panelist for the evening: Leandro Silva (Technology Ambassador, Creative Group) Teddy Dimitrova (Talent Manager a.i., Safesize) Ferdinand Goetzen (Chief Growth Officer, Recruitee) Moderator: Luke Smalley (Business Development Lead, Landing.Jobs) 18:00 || Doors open, enjoy some of Amsterdam's finest snacks and drinks! _______ 18:30 || Panel Discussion Part 1. _______ 19:00 || Break _______ 19:15 || Panel Discussion Part 2. 19:45 || Q&A _______ 20:15|| Networking, snacks, and drinks! Panelist 1: Leandro Silva (Technology Ambassador, Creative Group) www.linkedin.com/in/leandro-gomesdasilva/ Panelist 2: Teddy Dimitrova (Talent Manager a.i., Safesize) www.linkedin.com/in/teddy-dimitrova-3a97883a/ Panelist 3: Ferdinand Goetzen (Chief Growth Officer, Recruitee) www.linkedin.com/in/ferdinandgoetzen/ Moderator: Luke Smalley (Business Development Lead, Landing.Jobs) www.linkedin.com/in/lukesmalley/