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This Meetup Group consists of people with a passion for Tabletop Role Playing Games (RPGs). No matter your level of knowledge and expertise, there is always fun to be had and lessons to be learned from participating. We do not demand players live in Utrecht, although that will make things a lot easier for them, as most sessions are played within the city limits of Utrecht.

To all Newcomers: please have some patience. There have been a lot of new people entering this Meetup Group, and thus there is an unseen waiting list. If you wish to Game Master please report to one of the Organizers so we help you setup a group! This would help a lot and get everyone busy.

We do also have have big Table Top RPG and Beyond Utrecht meetings for all members, that we have called: The Gathering. These are a good opportunity to get to know each other and see what kind of new groups could be formed with our members. It's how we have formed all of groups so far, and it seems to work great!