Wat we doen

Tired of the usual parties where you can barely talk and you don’t get to know people? We’ve all been there. These places look very good on paper, there host many people so it should be easy to make new friends. But it’s not. The place is usually crowded and loud and it makes it hard to have some human contact. Also, you still have to walk up to people if you want to talk and ask the same trite questions. Or maybe try really hard to be original. Even if you manage, it’s hard to keep a contact with people you meet.

But does it have to only be this way? No, it doesn’t. What if you could meet people by doing something fun together instead of having to break the ice somehow? Imagine a way of getting to meet someone new without starting with words. Imagine building connection before even having to ask each other’s name.

It might sound strange, but tango allows you exactly to do this. You get to know other people by having fun dancing together. Tango brings people closer even before they have a chance to ask “what’s your name?”. In tango inviting others to dance is done by just looking at each other to express willingness to dance together. And tango has become so popular around the world that you can just travel to any city, find a local dancing place and meet new people easily.

This without mentioning the fact that is a beautiful dance declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Tango is built improvisation and connecting with each other, making it always always fun and interesting with its endless possibilities.