Wat we doen

Techionista (https://techionista.com/who-is-techionista/) is dedicated to empowering women through technology. By making female role models in ICT and tech more visible with our yearly Techionista Awards (https://techionista.com/who-is-techionista/) and several meetups like Techionista's Future Cafe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXBHO79JaB8). And by educating women in our Techionista Academy (http://techionista-academy.com). Together with Microsoft we retrain women to become data scientists within the Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista (https://techionista-academy.com/portfolio/education-program-data-science/). This is desperately needed, as diversity in the tech world has a disappointing record.

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