Explore the testing of Horizon: Zero Dawn with Guerrilla Games

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Explore the testing of Horizon: Zero Dawn with Guerrilla Games

How to test an open world game? What are the specific challenges and solutions? How can this help us in software application testing?

Guerrilla Games is giving a sneak peak into the testing of action role-playing video game Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Ana Barbuta, QA Manager of Horizon: Zero Dawn will take you on a journey on how they’ve tested their newest game, one of the biggest game of the year. She will explain and show you the challenges, innovative solutions and techniques she and her team have used to deliver an award winning game.

Together Xebia and Guerrilla will bring techniques used for testing games to the regular software testing world where we will give you some practical tips to use on your project tomorrow.

This Meetup is interesting for developers with a test mindset and test engineers that like to think boundless.

Ana Barbuta

“I entered the games industry as a tester almost 11 years ago and since then I have continuously challenged myself and others to raise the quality bar. So far, I have under my belt one of the most innovative MMO games (EVE Online), a platform launch game (Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PS4) and a highly successful open world action-RPG (Horizon: Zero Dawn). My favourite sport is intercepting the curveballs that developers and producers keep throwing my way.”


18:00: Walk-in and dinner

18:30: Welcome Xebia & Guerrilla

18:35: Introduction Ana Barbuta, QA Lead Guerrilla

18:40: Challenges of testing a game

19:30: Tools and Automation used for Horizon: Zero Dawn

20:00: Testing your application like a game, use Exploratory Testing on your project

20:30: Questions and discussion

21:00: Drinks and hopefully some time to play.

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This said, to keep the meetup high quality, we may take the liberty to cancel your meetup membership if you do not show up 2 times without letting us know in time.

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