Workshop TESTAR - an open source tool for automated GUI testing

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Xebia Amsterdam

Wibautstraat 200/202 · Amsterdam

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18:00 Doors open + dinner
18:30 - 21:00 Hands-on workshop TESTAR
21:00 Drinks

TESTAR is an open source tool for automated testing through graphical user interface (GUI) and is invented by Prof. Tanja Vos.

She is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Valencia and Full Professor in Software Engineering at the Open University in the Netherlands. She conducts research in automated software testing.

During this meetup Prof. Vos will lead a hands-on workshop at Xebia Amsterdam. The hands-on begins with a general introduction of TESTAR and how it works. Each participant is given a hands-on manual to get started with the tool step-by-step through examples and exercises on how to use TESTAR on various kinds of systems.

Instructions for preparing before the hands-on:
Bring your own laptop and mouse. There are various ways to do the exercises, but we recommend option 1 to be done before the hands-on:
1) Install Oracle VirtualBox ( and download a ready-made VM image with Windows 10 and TESTAR from (the OVA image)
2) Install Java Development Kit 8 (JDK 8) and download TESTAR binaries (on your laptop with Windows 10)
3) Use remote desktop to connect on VM with Win10 and TESTAR running on a server (limited availability)

More info about the tool:
TESTAR is based on automated exploration of the GUI by emulating an end user interacting with the widgets, such as buttons, menus and text fields.
The main idea is that the user does not have to define the test cases, TESTAR automatically generates and executes test sequences based on a structure that is automatically derived from the GUI. TESTAR can detect the violation of general-purpose system requirements through implicit oracles, for example, crashes and unresponsiveness. While the application under test is automatically being tested for stability, crashes and undesired outputs, more test oracles can be added for testing more specific requirements of the application. Incrementally defining the requirements has been very helpful when dealing with legacy systems. While exploring the GUI, TESTAR creates and maintains a state model that can be used for optimizing the action selection strategies, automatically detecting changes between consequent versions of the system under test, and visualization of the test results. TESTAR is used in academic research of scriptless and AI-driven testing.

About Tanja Vos
Prof. Dr. Tanja Vos is a full professor at the Open University (Netherlands) and an associate professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain). For over 20 years she has been teaching and researching in the area of software testing. She has worked with many companies on automated testing projects in an industrial setting. She is currently project lead for the approach for automated testing at the Graphical User Interface level. Tanja has successfully coordinated EU-funded projects (FITTEST, EvoTest) related to software testing and has been involved in various Erasmus and Leonardo initiatives that try to help business understand academia an vice versa. She started the Software Testing Innovation Alliance in Spain and is now involved in the European Alliance. She is part of the dutch consortium of the ITEA TESTOMAT ( project that started last year. A project that will research and develop the coming three years the next level of test automation. She is part of the Spanish consortium in the H2020 DECODER project (

18:00 Doors open + dinner
18:30 Workshop Testar
20:30 Drinks