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This meetup is meant for anyone who wants to experience philosophy together in an informal, flexible and modest setting. Not the brain but the mouth is where philosophy lives.

The questions and thoughts that we generate in our own minds can come to life when we practice together our assertiveness of expressing them.

For an online conversation before, after, around the live meetups, see the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/218890718684668/).

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Philosophy Café

The Sister Brussels Cafe

Dear all, The theme for our next meetup is one that both Mo and I are super passionate about (and we predict you will be interested in this theme too)! And so, at the same time, we've decided for this meetup to try out, as an experiment, our first-ever format of co-hosting and co-moderating! More details soon to come! Yours philosophically, Alan

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On History -- Philosophy Café

The Sister Brussels Cafe